More than 15 years of pool maintenance expertise.

Kaleb Kelley started his career in aquatics as a lifeguard at 16, working at a local waterpark. As an adult, he continued with the attraction, learning maintenance work during the park’s off season. Later, he moved to a separate attraction and became an aquatics maintenance technician for the maintenance department.

Kaleb’s experience was valuable and he was soon hired by a private company that serviced commercial pools including water parks, city pools, college university pools, and handled other large-scale projects. Kelley was promoted to service manager performing, and overseeing see all of the service, installs etc. for the company.

After several years, he returned to the resort industry as the Waterpark Maintenance Manager at a major attraction overseeing all of the maintenance related to that water park for the next several years.

Recognizing a need for a commercial swimming pool service, and with a wealth of knowledge, Kaleb opened Kelley’s Aquatic Services utilizing his more than 15 years of experience and offering solutions for small to large businesses throughout Tennessee.